February 17- 19, 2024 |
Pennsylvania Convention Center, PA


Here’s Why Buyers and Exhibitors Love American Handcrafted

This is the best tradeshow that we’ve found for handmade gifts. We will keep attending American Handcrafted as long as they have shows.

Carolyn Bookout, Backdoor Gallery

Wholesale platforms are great for order fulfillment but it takes an in-person show like American Handcrafted to develop and maintain relationships with buyers. American Handcrafted changed my world and is essential to growing my business. Without American Handcrafted I would not be as successful as I am today.

Kelsey Schissel, Plays in Mud Pottery

We have been exhibiting our jewelry in Philadelphia at the wholesale handcrafted shows for years, actually decades. There is no other venue that consistently attracts the galleries and shops that carry and value handmade work by artisans. We hear over and over from our buyers that they want to connect with the makers personally and see the quality of the work in person. The American Handcrafted Show is a very significant piece for the success of our business.

John & Linda Whitney, Whitney Designs

I was very pleased with my recent American Handcrafted Show in Philly. The show looked great, there were more buyers and artists and it felt like the way a show should be. Well Done!

Steven Bronstein, Blackthorne Forgen

“This is my first time at the American Handcrafted Show, but it has been great to meet some of the artists I have bought from, get hugs, and be able to put faces with names. I’ll definitely be back! “

Debra Lindsay Hudgins, 2 Friends Gallery

“The American Handcrafted market was wonderfully organized with a fabulous selection. We are excited to receive our new pieces and even more excited to show everything off to our customer base”

Alicia VanWalleghem, Leaping Llamas Artisan Shop

We are so glad you are back in person. It means so much to meet each artist and to view their work at the show. A photo does not reveal quality like actually holding and looking at artwork and hearing the artist stories!

Donna Hodder, Earth, Wind & Fire Gallery

Great show! So good to be back and get inspired, reconnect with old friends and make news ones. I so depend on this venue for new American made products for my shop. Next year should be even better!

Nancy Landwehr, The Spirted Hand

It was so exciting to be back at a “live” show! So many buyers were also excited to be back and were anxious to look, feel and buy! Orders were plentiful and mine are all the way to October! Thank you American Handcrafted!

Shirley Price, Shirley Price Limited Editions

“Our community needs to reunite, we need a live show where we can see and touch new wonderful works and where we can talk and laugh together once again. Let’s help each other embrace small business and Handmade”

Mike, Shapiro’s Gallery of Fine American Craft

“Things have finally begun to pick up again, our biggest problem now is finding new merchandise – we look forward to meeting new artists and seeing new products at the American Handcrafted Show”

Vickie Cotton, Blue Moon By The Sea

I can not wait for the Winter AH Show in Philadelphia. I’ve missed the show and everyone so much. As probably true for many businesses were slow. Thankfully it is now starting to come back as we return to normal. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Anne-Marie Caso, Retail Concepts

American Handcrafted is our most important show. Seems like the last Handmade Arts and Craft Wholesale show left. We will definitely be there.

Brett Jurisin, Firefly Gallery

“Customers are excited to be able to come back and shop in person for American handmade products! I can’t wait to come to Philly to shop for new work from current and find new work from new artisans.
PJ Heyman”

PJ Heyman, Village Artisans Gallery

Customers are returning to in person shopping! And I am so excited to return to an in person show!

Heidi Wilenius, dandelion wishes

“The American Handcrafted Show is the most important place for the makers to meet the buyers. I am getting calls and orders already, so I know it is working. This show is a perfect example of what makes American Made so great. A caring community supporting each other in a common goal of success for all.”

Howard Schwartz, Whitney Howard Designs

“During a year where I so miss seeing friends in Philly, it has been such a treat to “visit” everyone at the American Handcrafted Digital Market! I’ve found wonderful new artists as well as great new work from old friends. Rounding out with Artist Spotlights, Podcasts, Playlists and even a little yoga makes for a very well put together show!”

Kim Megginson, ZigZag Gallery

“The Digital Market has been a great success. We connected with lots of old and new retailers and we really felt the community spirit and that people were in the mood to connect. Hoping to see all of you live on the next one. Thank you to you and the entire team who have contributed to this great success.”

Christophe Poly, Designer, Crono Designs

“I’ve had over 40 hits today from known customers and 25 from new customers coming from American Handcrafted Digital… I am so happy….this is fabulous!”

Shirley Price, Shirley Price Limited Editions

American Handcrafted is the only wholesale trade show that I do. I get enough orders and new accounts from this show that keeps me busy just about the entire year. I love exhibiting here because the buyers, the types of stores that I sell to, museums, art galleries, glass studios, and jewelry stores, are a really good fit for my price point.

Janine Taylor, Owner, Snooty Jewelry

Even with a smaller turnout the show worked really well for us. We placed 45 total orders. Thirty with new artists!

Joseph Gaylord, American Crafts by Robbie Dein

I was very pleased with my recent American Handcrafted Show in Philly. The show looked American Handcrafted is so important to me as a buyer of crafts for The Chrysler Museum. It is small, but every vendor has high quality crafts. I purchased from multiple vendors in every category to keep my store’s product mix fresh and exciting.

Jay Thomson, Chrysler Museum of Art

Exhibiting at American handcrafted is different from other markets because the focus of the retailers we are selling to are specifically looking for handmade goods made here in the US.  We get to see not only our long-standing customers but also a new generation of buyers. It’s really fantastic to have a place we can count on that can deliver those types of buyers.

Deborah Rothmeyer, Designer/Owner, Patricia Locke LTD

It’s a great group of retailers and museum buyers who attend American Handcrafted  people who have been in the business a long time who love this show because they know they’ll find things that are original and interesting. They have an appreciation and a love of goods that are made here in the United States.

Patricia Locke, Designer/Owner, Patricia Locke LTD. and Rook and Crow

American Handcrafted is one of the most important shows that I attend. When I come to the show my goal is to find very unique one-of-a-kind merchandise, that you don’t see at other trade shows. I always find those gems that I know our customers will love.

Ione Saroyan, Director of Operations at the New York Historical Society and Museum Library

We started our business to share American Crafts with our customers. American Handcrafted is THE show of the year for our business. It is the BEST place to find unique, beautiful, handmade pieces. Building relationships with the artists and seeing them year after year inspires us and keeps us excited about the industry.

Bill Curtis, Owner, The Farmhouse Store

There’s never been an American Handcrafted show that I don’t find new vendors and artisans to work with. It’s a foregone conclusion that I will find something amazing. It’s the highlight of being a buyer, finding those incredible new products that will delight our customers.

Mike Higdon, The National Building Museum in Washington, DC