Renia Pruchnicki – Truth Belts

Renia Pruchnicki – Truth Belts

February 11, 2019

I started Truth Belts in 2001 from my apartment in downtown Toronto. I have a degree in fashion design and production. After working as a designer for products such as ski wear, outerwear, cosmetic and travel bags and backpacks, I was laid off. So, I decided to go for it, and create a life that I loved where I could be my own boss and create things that I loved! That’s how Truth was born!

I started sewing belts because they were small and and easy to sew. I started taking them around to stores, and they were placing orders! How exciting! I had never used leather before, so I stuck to the technical materials that I had experience with.

Over time, the vegan market took notice and I really created a niche for myself, in a market where non-leather belts would fall apart in just a few months. In 2003, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) awarded Truth a Proggy Award for “Best Leather Replacement Clothing Company in North America”.

As the company evolved I started making belts out of recycled car tires and other materials that are virtually “indestructible”. These belts will outlast leather and possibly even humans. The top selling belts by far are the flat, elastic, adjustable stretch belts, known as the Seva and Karma belts. The line expanded into suspenders and yoga straps. The materials are of high quality and are truly unique.

In 2010 I started volunteering for, a non-profit organization, which works to keep the Arctic Ocean (specifically the area north of the Arctic Circle) free from exploitation. created a treaty knows as MAPS (Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary) which as been sent to all country leaders on the planet. When 99 leaders sign, MAPS goes into effect. Two leaders have signed so far! I donate my time giving presentations about MAPS to high schools, and other groups. I feel strongly that when MAPS is realized, it will mak make a huge difference and to keep our planet safe.

Truth products are animal friendly and made in Canada. Truth’s mission statement is “Having fun inspiring the world”.