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KathrynMetaLace Jewelry

KathrynMetaLace Jewelry

September 8, 2023

Artist/Owner Designer/Maker15My jewelry is inspired by nature as well as the places I traveled to during my brief tenure as a teacher. I am influenced by the amazing woven basketry of many East African women's co-op groups, as well as the beauty of the pearls and jades, and seasonal woodblock prints I saw in East Asia. I come from an ancestral heritage of various forms of lace making and my mother taught me to knit as a young girl. All of these factors came together and still inspire and inform my work today as I use traditional fiber techniques to create non-traditional works of wearable art.

I view my creations first and foremost as wearable art and I love to see it displayed in a shadowbox or on a mannequin when not being worn.

I have been creating MetaLace as a full time working artist since 2008.

MetaLace is included in Schiffer Art Publishing's 3 volume series, Artistry in Fiber, Volume 3, Wearable Art.