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June 26, 2023

Designer13Princesse & Dragon is the project born from creative mind and world traveler, France Dechberry. After spending a lot of time abroad travelling and experiencing the world, she moved back to her hometown, Montréal. Fascinated by fabrics, colours and contrasts found during her many voyages, “I could spend days walking the markets and looking at traditional fabrics from each place, I love touching them and dreaming of their potential or simply feeling them on my skin.” says France.

Then her two daughters were born: the first one, a real “Princess” and the second one, with a maverick mind, a real “Dragon”! From this dual character and from her liking for texture and colour contrasts was born her wish of sharing with other women the pleasure of wrapping oneself in shimmering coloured stoles reflecting a unique style.

In 2010, she starts Princesse & Dragon, an epicurean brand with elegance, natural and chic.

The creation process for Princesse & Dragon’s start in France’s imagination, drawing her inspiration from all around the globe. She likes to design colourful geometrics and abstracts patterns. Once her collection is entirely designed, she has it printed on Australian merino wool. Then, when the fabrics are back to her studio in Montreal, she transforms them into scarves.

Thus, France designs and fashions all her collections in her Montreal studio.