Kristie Nerby – DeVeer Designs

Kristie Nerby – DeVeer Designs

April 9, 2019

I was a professional silk artist for several years before transitioning from silk painting to fused glass jewelry in 2001 when I teamed up with Barb DeVeer. I was drawn to the vibrantly colored glass medium as bright colors have always been a fundamental component of my art, but I especially loved the kinetic movement we could achieve with the jewelry via unique ear wires, layering of glass, dangling beads, etc. Watching color in motion reminds me of nature which I so respect. I also loved the challenge of precision glass fusing, a trademark of DeVeer Designs.

New styles are introduced twice a year, with others being retired, so there is an element of collectibility with my line. I love to incorporate new techniques and glass treatments that help keep the designs fresh and relevant. Having said that, I often get requests to “bring back” a style which speaks to the timeless nature of the collection.

Overall, I’m grateful for all of the business partners that carry DeVeer Designs, especially those who’ve been with me for almost 2 decades! I appreciate their hard work and their careful selection of products that meet their customer’s needs and I strive to be their best vendor. My motto is “I am at your service!”

For a little more nuts and bolts:
All of my glass elements are made in Montana and are unique to DeVeer Designs. Each piece is hand cut from large sheets of glass, sometimes etched, layered, placed in the kiln and heated to temperatures ranging from 1400 to 1600 degrees. After cooling slowly, the glass is then drilled for ear wires or bale and assembled. My ear wires are sterling silver and gold filled, often hand turned and many are of original design.