February 17- 19, 2024 |
Pennsylvania Convention Center, PA



I need to change the name of company on my badge?

Attendees, please email Customer Service. Please note that if you are registering under a new company, you may be required to provide additional credentials for re-qualification.

Exhibitors, please contact your booth sales representative.

Where are the American Handcrafted® shows held each year?

American Handcrafted takes place annually in Philadelphia. See dates and hours.

How can I make hotel arrangements?
Hotel reservations can be made online through the Hotel & Travel section of the American Handcrafted® website. EventSphere is the official housing agent for the show.

How do I get to the show if I am driving?
Visit the Hotel and Travel section of the website for driving directions, address for navigation and parking information.

How do I unsubscribe from American Handcrafted® marketing?


Where can I find the Exhibitor Service Manual?
The Exhibitor Service Manual will be available online in your Exhibitor Console. If you have any questions about the Exhibitor Service Manual, please email Wendy Booth, Operations Manager, at wbooth@emeraldexpo.net

When can we move in to our booth?
You will have a target freight move-in date and time based on your booth location in the show. This is when your freight should be scheduled to arrive and it is also the earliest date and time that your staff may arrive to set up your booth. More information will become available in the Exhibitor Service Manual. Access the manual from the Exhibitor Console.

Will late access to the exhibit hall be allowed?

We encourage all exhibitors to complete set-up work during scheduled hours when all staff is available for immediate assistance, and electricity is turned on for the booths. For those exhibitors needing extra time for set-up, we will accommodate exhibitors staying to work late on their booth as long as possible in the exhibit hall until security closes the lights and shuts down at which point they will ask everyone to leave for safety and liability concerns. Check with your Operations Manager on site each day of set-up to find out what time the building will shut down each evening if you think you may need extra time.

For security reasons, we cannot allow exhibitors to enter or leave and re-enter the exhibit hall after hours. You must be in your booth by the close of normal access hours in order to stay late for continued set-up. Exhibitors remaining after-hours to work on their booth are also required to stay in their booth and not wander the floor. Late access on show days will not be allowed except for in-booth functions that have been approved in advance of the show.

Does American Handcrafted® have a “clean floor policy”? When do my crates and skids need to be clear from the show floor?

Certain aisles will be designated as “No Freight” aisles. A “No Freight” aisle must be kept clear at all times of crates and boxes in order for all freight to be delivered in a timely fashion and on target for all booths throughout the show. All crates and skids must be tagged and removed from the exhibit floor no later than 5:00 pm the evening before your collection opens. This will allow sufficient time to complete the laying of the aisle carpet and the overall cleaning of the exhibit hall as well as provide exhibitors the space to complete their booth set up by keeping aisles clear.

There will be no exceptions to this policy. Crates without empty or access storage stickers will be tagged and removed from the exhibit hall – whether full or empty. Exhibitors may request product to be returned to their booth at the exhibitor’s expense. Depending on where the crates are located, it may not be possible to access the crates prior to move-out. Empty sticker labels will be available during set-up hours at your nearest service desk.

When can we break down our booth?

Exhibitors may begin dismantling their displays immediately after the market closes on the final day at 4:30 p.m.

The return of empty containers will begin immediately after the aisle carpet and vehicles are removed from the Exhibit Hall. In agreement with the Exposition Terms and Conditions, exhibitors may not dismantle or remove any portion of their exhibit prior to the closing time. (This rule will be strictly enforced and failure to follow this rule may result in monetary penalties or loss of priority points.

Upon commencement of move-out, all aisles are to be kept entirely clear of exhibit material so that all aisle carpet may be removed. No empty crates will be returned until ALL aisle carpet has been removed. It will take several hours for all of the empty crates and boxes to be returned so please be patient during this process and schedule your travel departures accordingly.

In order to assure all exhibitors of an expedient move-out, complete cooperation is required between exhibitors and the exposition services team (varies by show). All vehicular movement at the convention center loading docks must be coordinated and approved in advance.

Where do I ship my booth materials?

We have two location options to make shipping more convenient. The first method is to ship your freight in advance to the exposition service company warehouse. You’ll receive confirmation of receipt and the materials will be waiting in your booth for you when you arrive on-site. Additional information regarding direct-to-show shipments and hand carry onsite will be available in the Exhibitor Service Manual, accessible from the Exhibitor Console.

The second method is to ship directly to show site (please refer to your target check-in time). Check your Exhibitor Service Manual for the direct-to-show site shipping address and ship your product to arrive only within the scheduled dates printed in the manual.

How do I order items for my booth (i.e., carpet, electrical, furniture)?
Refer to the Exhibitor Service Manual for order forms and online ordering.
What equipment and services are included with my booth?
Booth inclusions may vary by show. Please refer to the Exhibitor Service Manual or contact your sales representative.
How do I find out if my booth meets all regulations?
Exhibitors should first reference the booth guidelines for your type of booth within the Exhibitor Service Manual. If you still have questions, please contact Wendy Booth, Operations Manager, at wbooth@emeraldexpo.net
What insurance coverage do I need and who should be listed as additional insured?

Show Management requires each exhibiting company and Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) to carry general liability insurance, automotive liability (if applicable) and workmen’s compensation coverage. Details will be available in the Exhibitor Service Manual.

Additional insured should be listed as follows: Emerald Expositions®, American Handcrafted™, show contractor, and the Convention Center.

If you don’t have insurance that meets the requirements, insurance can be procured from the Marsh Total Event Exhibitor Insurance Program with whom a special group rate has been negotiated, or your insurance provider. Exhibitors will not be able to set-up until we have received your certificate of insurance using the above submission link. Details and access to the Marsh Total Event Exhibitor Insurance program will be available in the service manual.

Can I provide samples of food and/or beverages in my booth?

Each exhibitor distributing food and/or beverage samples from their booth must receive approval in advance of the show. Samples of packaged food and beverages manufactured and distributed by the exhibitors for the purpose of sales will be permitted. All other distribution of food and beverages must be arranged and purchased with the caterer for the convention center. Refer to the service manual for more information or contact Wendy Booth, Operations Manager, at  wbooth@emeraldexpo.net

Will food be available during the show?
A variety of food options will be available on the show floor and either in the convention center or within close walking distance. Food service may be restricted during move-in by location. See the Exhibitor service manual or set-up bulletin for details in advance of your arrival.
Are wheelchair and/or scooter rentals available at American Handcrafted® events?
Wheelchairs may be rented from the FedEx office in the Pennsylvania Convention Center in partnership with Scoot Around. Please call 215-925-1218 for rental information. 
How do I register my exhibitor booth personnel?
Exhibitor Registration can be done online from the Exhibitor Console. All exhibitors will be notified by email when registration opens for badges. Note that all badges must be picked up on site with photo ID.
Can I register on-site?
Yes, please visit the Exhibitor Registration counter during registration hours.
What are the on-site registration hours?
Registration hours will be printed in the Exhibitor service manual and typically opens at 8:00 a.m. daily on move-in dates as well as show dates.
When will I receive my badge?

You will pick up your badge and lanyard on-site at the registration counters marked for exhibitor registration. Must have photo I.D.

If you need to register on-site or need to make changes to your registration, you can do this on-site.

What is a Show Directory listing and how do I make sure my company is listed properly?

A Show Directory listing is the contact information and product categories that will be published both on the American Handcrafted® website and in the printed Show Directory. It’s a key tool for promoting your company to attendees before, during and after the show. The deadline to update your information for inclusion can be found in the Exhibitor Console.

In order to be listed in the Show Directory, go to the Exhibitor Console and log into your profile. Not an exhibitor yet? Upon confirming your exhibit space, you will receive a Welcome E-mail with information about this tool, value-added marketing packages, and your log-in information will be provided at that time. Promotional upgrades are available on this digital platform to make your online listing and company branding stand out from the competition.

What other opportunities are available for promoting my company?
Our goal is to find the best ways to put you in touch with your audience and to help you make sales. That’s why we’ve developed several sponsorship and promotional opportunities that will enhance your presence at the show. To learn more, please go to the Advertise/Sponsorship section of the website or contact your sales manager.


Why does this show ask for credentials? Why am I pending/why do I need to provide credentials again?

In terms of the registration process, we are constantly reviewing and updating our database to ensure that we’re providing exhibitors with the type of quality buyer base they expect at our market. This includes reclassifying and/or requiring various companies and individuals to demonstrate they are still qualified members of the trade to whom we extend free registration. We kindly do ask that you upload the requested credentials to complete your registration in the system.

American Handcrafted is open to the trade only. To attend, you must provide identification to qualify your business, and separate identification to qualify each individual employee from your store or company.

Please bring TWO forms of Company and ONE form of Employee identification. Please note that acceptable Employee identification must be submitted for each registrant. We reserve the right to request additional business identification if deemed necessary. You will also be required to submit proof of your identity when you pick up your badge.

Acceptable credentials for the members of the trade.
Acceptable COMPANY identification includes at least TWO of the following:
Active website address through which company business can be validated
Two recent invoices (both within last 12 months) from industry manufacturers for good purchased at wholesale/in quantity for a minimum of $500.
Store/commercial lease indicating the type of business. For leases, provide only the first two pages of store lease stating you are a retail business.
Please note that acceptable Employee identification must be submitted for each registrant. We reserve the right to request additional business identification if deemed necessary.

New Businesses Only
A letter of Intent from an attorney or bank on official letterhead stating the intent to start a new retail business (this is acceptable for new businesses only).
Acceptable EMPLOYEE identification includes at least ONE of the following for each registrant to verify employment with the company:

Copy of canceled company payroll check or paycheck stub within the last six months
Copy of W-2 form
Copy of company credit card with both employee’s and company’s name
Copy of company insurance card with employee’s name
To maintain PCI Compliance, be sure to black out the following information prior to sending your credentials: credit card numbers and any government issued ID, Sales, Tax or SSN number.

Who attends American Handcrafted®?
American Handcrafted is open to industry professionals only, as well as press.

How much does it cost to attend American Handcrafted®?
American Handcrafted is free for qualified buyers. For convenience and savings, please register in advance. There will be a $25 fee charged starting January 2024.
How do I register?
Attendee registration can be done online once online registration opens. To register for the next American Handcrafted® event or to sign up to be notified for when registration opens, click here.

Can I register on-site?
  • Yes, qualified buyers can register on-site for $25.
  • Suppliers to the trade can register on-site for $125.
When will I receive my badge?

Badges will not be mailed in advance.

Upon receiving a confirmation email confirming that your credentials were accepted, please print out the confirmation email and bring it with you to the show. On-site, take your email confirmation to the nearest registration terminal to get your badge and lanyard.

Can I bring my child to the show?
Children under the age of 16 may not be admitted on the exhibit floor with the exception of nursing children. Strollers are not allowed on the show floor at any time during the event. Infants are allowed in front packs only.
Can I take photographs during the show?

Show Management is respectful of the time and resources utilized by each exhibitor and speaker. In an effort to protect our exhibitors and speakers, unauthorized photography or video recording is not allowed on the show floor without first obtaining permission from the exhibitor or speaker.

Violators will be ejected from the show and may be denied entry to future events and/or be prosecuted.

Are wheelchair and/or scooter rentals available at American Handcrafted® events?
Click here for wheelchair and/or scooter rentals at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
I am an approved store owner, and would like to bring a guest. What do I need to do?
Qualified buyers can register up to two guests in advance for free. There will be a $25 charge to register a guest onsite.