Education @ American Handcrafted

Philadelphia 2019


11:30 am

Merchandising for Handcrafted Items

Having the right products at the right price points is step 1 in retail.  Merchandising those products to convert the customer is step 2.  This seminar touches on everything from signage to lighting to displays.  Learn what big retailers are doing differently to help convert customers.  Understand how small changes to store layouts, lighting and displays can mean huge adjustments in profit.  Incorporating examples from both mom and pop and big box stores, attendees will get a customized glimpse into what stores are doing right and how to follow suit.

presented by Lindsay Anvik, See Endless, Inc.

2:30 pm

Networking is Net-Worthing For Your Business

Great product and exceptional service are keys in the growth of your business, but to continue to elevate your sales and presence in your community you need to go beyond what is normally done. 

The answer is Networking. Networking can absolutely affect your sales and not only increase them, but also cultivate and grow your brands recognition. By investing in relationships and connections you will be able to open doors you never knew were possible. Learn how, where and when to network. 

Go beyond the norm and create opportunities that will in return help your business not only grow, but flourish!

presented by Robin Kramer, Owner of Red Boot Consulting and Co-Founder of Flourish and Thrive Academy



8:30 am | For Exhibitors

Products Are Made But Brands Are Created

A valued brand isn’t just about a great logo. Robin and her panel of experts will discuss brand value and the importance of understanding how you represent your brand in every aspect of your business. You will learn what it takes to stand out in the crowd, create superfans and the best ways to share a lasting message.

Moderated by Robin Kramer, Owner of Red Boot Consulting and Co-Founder of Flourish and Thrive Academy



11:30 pm

Building a Website on a Handcrafted Budget

Having a web presence is a must these days-even if you don’t put your products online.  A website is the modern day business card.  This seminar addresses the challenges of building a website on a small or moderate budget.  Which platform do you use?  How much a month should you spend? Should you hire someone?  And how can you improve the website you currently have? These questions and more will be answered in this seminar.

presented by Lindsay Anvik, See Endless, Inc.


11:30 pm

Ten Terrific Tips for Selling Success

presented by Diane Sulg, CRAFT


Join your fellow handmade buyers, sellers and industry experts, and expand your business opportunities.